The difference between stainless steel manhole and hand hole

The main difference between a manhole and a hand hole is just the size of the hole. The manhole is larger and the hand hole is smaller. Other differences:

Intuitively, the seal of the manhole is a solid circular manhole cover, and the seal of the hand hole is a rectangular cover plate with relatively weak load-bearing.

In terms of volume, although there are many types of manholes, there are generally standard sizes and specifications, and the relative volume is relatively large; there are fewer types of handholes, and the volume is much smaller, and the size and depth are set according to the environment and requirements.

Functionally, the manhole is the transfer point and relay point on the communication trunk pipeline, and the handhole is the terminal node on the communication pipeline network.

In terms of location, manholes can be built in any location such as main roads and sidewalks in urban areas, while handholes can only be built on sidewalks and green belts.

Abstractly speaking, manholes can be dispatched by construction personnel to work in the holes, while hand-hole construction personnel should be able to squat or lie down on the well to directly construct with their hands.

The role of manholes and hand holes: check and repair the internal space of the equipment, as well as install and remove the internal devices of the equipment.