Introduction of manhole flange

The manhole flange is a new design product that is completely different from the traditional high-pressure flange. It not only inherits the pressure-bearing capacity of the high-pressure flange, but also solves the flange problem to a certain extent. Let's take a look at the characteristics of the manhole flange to understand it all.

Manhole flange features:

1. The manhole flange seal is unique. Its seal relies on the elastic deformation of the sealing lip of the sealing ring to form a seal. It is a kind of hard seal, and then uses the combination of the joints, ferrules, and sealing rings to form a strong rigid body. The strength of the part is far greater than the strength of the pipeline itself, so when under pressure, the ribs and lips play the role of strength and sealing respectively, that is, the self-tightening seal can strengthen the pipeline, which greatly strengthens the overall strength of the connection part;

2. The manhole flange has good resistance to connection. In most cases, the manhole flange in the connection can bear the extension load better than the pipeline itself. The destructive test proves that the flange is still intact after the pipeline fails under the tensile load. leakage problem occurs;

3. In terms of bending resistance, the manhole flange also has a very good ability. We have tested the manhole flange of DN15 specification and welded it on the pipeline for many times. After cold bending, there is no leakage at the high-pressure flange connection and the bolts will not loosen;

4. Good impact resistance, small and compact geometric size, can withstand the impact force that traditional high-pressure flanges cannot bear, and the unique metal-to-metal sealing structure greatly enhances the impact resistance;

5. Good corrosion resistance, different materials are selected for different corrosive substances.