What are the installations of atmospheric pressure manhole flanges?

Where is the atmospheric manhole installed? What is the product of atmospheric manhole? Atmospheric pressure manholes are the most common manholes. They are manholes without pressure. They are generally installed on the top of the tank. They are the entrances and exits for manufacturing workers or maintenance workers when building, cleaning and pouring tanks. The strength of the manhole is And sealing is the key to technology, but for manholes with pressure, the strength and sealing requirements of normal pressure manholes are second.

The atmospheric manhole is a safety emergency ventilation device installed on the top of the storage tank. It is usually used in conjunction with a mechanical breathing valve. It can not only avoid the sudden overpressure or vacuum in the tank due to unexpected reasons, damage the storage tank and cause an accident, but also It plays the role of safety fire prevention and is a safety device to protect the storage tank, especially suitable for the vaulted atmospheric tank whose storage material is capped with nitrogen. It has the advantages of constant pressure discharge, constant pressure suction, flexible opening and closing, safe fire resistance, good sealing performance, safety and reliability. Atmospheric manholes are also the most common manholes.

Since the manhole is installed on the lowermost body ring of the oil tank, leakage prevention is particularly important. It is required that the joint surface of the two flanges must ensure its straightness and no floating twist phenomenon. The reinforcement plate and flange should be cut on the whole steel plate as far as possible without splicing. There are sealing rings on the flange and cover plate, and special attention should be paid to protection during construction. 3mm thick asbestos rubber gasket is used for sealing, no cracking is allowed. When installing the tightening bolts on the manhole cover, apply force in pairs to prevent the hole cover from being deformed.