Several surface treatment methods for manhole flanges!

Manhole flange storage tanks, containers, equipment accessories, especially in dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical, brewing and other equipment are essential accessories. The surface treatment of the manhole is not only related to its appearance, especially some dairy equipment will also affect its use. Therefore, its surface treatment is also a very important procedure in production.

1. Internal and external mirror surface: This kind of manhole is mostly used for high-demand equipment such as food and dairy machinery.

2. Matte inside and outside: This kind of manhole is relatively less demanding, and it does not need to achieve the effect of a mirror surface. It only needs to be slightly roughened. It depends on the customer's requirements and what effect can be achieved.

3. Pickling treatment: This kind of manhole is mostly used on industrial grades, and the surface can be directly pickled clean, and no other treatment is required. Like many construction sites, this kind of manhole is often used, and the cost will be relatively reduced.